Degree type(s): Bachelor's
Degree field(s): Education
Location(s): Bismarck, ND
Program offerings by location and modality are subject to change.

Physical Education Bachelor’s Degree Program

Four-year degree; Bachelor of Science (BS)

In the Physical Education (PE) bachelor’s degree program at the University of Mary, candidates will develop the knowledge and skills to teach at the elementary and secondary education levels. Graduates of this program will be eligible for licensure in K-12 Physical Education in North Dakota. Integrating a liberal arts curriculum with professional preparation, the Physical Education program offers hands-on classroom experience prior to student teaching, including numerous opportunities to peer teach in professional activities classes, practicum, and methods classes. 

We strongly encourage all PE students to complete an additional major and/or minor to enhance their career placement opportunities. Within the Physical Education bachelor’s degree program are health education and coaching minors.



All the University of Mary education programs are fully accredited by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board and all CAEP national standards are fully met.


Physical Education Degree Program Highlights

Earn your bachelor’s degree in Physical Education in an accredited program at one of the most affordable private universities in the nation. In the Physical Education bachelor’s degree program at the University of Mary, you will have many unique, hands-on learning experiences that will enrich your education and your career. You will be able to:

  1. Participate in Supervised Teaching

    Participate in supervised teaching situations at local schools from sophomore year through graduation, which help you to gain the confidence and skills to be a successful teacher.

  2. Gain Skills Grounded in Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine Values

    Gain skills for both professional and personal growth with a PE degree curriculum firmly grounded in Christian, Catholic, Benedictine, and values.

  3. Improve Your Leadership Skills

    Take part in an educational leadership conference as well as the Emerging Leaders Academy, a four-year program in educational leadership.

  4. Participate in Research Activities

    Participate in mentoring and collaborative research activities with full-time faculty with K–12 teaching experience.

  5. Get Involved in Professional Organizations

    Get involved in local and regional professional organizations as either a participant or presenter.

The two things I like most about the Physical Education program at the University of Mary are all of the different opportunities you are presented with and the expertise and guidance from the faculty. Students have many opportunities and chances to practice and teach lesson plans, whether it's for classmates or in practicums at different local schools. The faculty members throughout the whole process of your education are exceptional; they teach you so many new tips and strategies, and support you one hundred percent.”

Cooper Cox, Physical Education and Coaching & Sport Studies Majors, with a minor in Health, Class of 2017



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