Degree type(s): Master's; Doctorate; Concentration
Degree field(s): Education
Location(s): Online; Bismarck, ND;
Program offerings by location and modality are subject to change.

Catholic Studies Concentration

The Catholic Studies Concentration is designed to complement University of Mary’s Master of Education and Doctorate of Education degrees. This concentration program, informed by the Benedictine tradition and in accordance with the Magisterium, provides the formation upon which to build a solid Catholic pedagogy and identity. Educators in this program will enrich their ethical decision-making by integrating the intellectual, spiritual, sacramental, and physical aspects of life. 

As the president of a Catholic school, I understand the challenges that face our teachers in their effort to provide an authentically Catholic education: Catholic in its culture, intellectual tradition, and educational practices. I am inspired by the work that has been done to meet these needs through the creation of the Catholic Studies Concentration. These newly designed courses will be a great benefit to anyone who desires to teach with the mind of the Church."

 Father Jadyn Nelson's Headshot
Fr. Jadyn Nelson, President, Bishop Ryan Catholic School


Catholic Studies Concentration Highlights

  1. Faithful

    The courses in the Catholic Studies concentration focus on the teachings of the Church. Catholic educators in this concentration program will be formed in a way consistent with the Church’s foundational teaching.

  2. Integrated

    Courses are offered sequentially and end with the capstone course. This capstone provides each Catholic educator with sound theoretical understanding and practical application to their respective Catholic school environment. Educators will be prepared to incorporate the Church’s teachings throughout all areas of their classroom, not only during religion classes.

  3. Flexible

    Classes cross over with the University of Mary’s Master’s in Catholic Studies program, allowing students greater flexibility and opportunities to collaborate with other students. Some courses are also available online, so students can study parts of the program from any location.

Why Choose the Catholic Studies Concentration?

The Catholic Studies Concentration provides a foundational understanding of the spirit of Jesus Christ, revealing transforming love and truth. Adding this concentration to an educator’s Master of Education or Doctorate of Education degree will help the educator fulfill the most important role as a teacher in forming leaders in the service of truth.

Course Requirements

To earn the Catholic Studies Concentration, you will complete the following courses in addition to the curriculum in your graduate education degree program:

  • History of Western Education (2 credits)
  • Catholic Education in America (2 credits)
  • Principles of Catholic Education Applied Today (2 credits)
  • Catholic Education and Issues in the Classroom (2 credits)
  • Newman the Educator (2 credits)
  • The Catholic Tradition (3 credits)