Degree type(s): Minor
Degree field(s): Theology; Catholic Studies; Humanities
Location(s): Online
Program offerings by location and modality are subject to change.

Online Catholic Studies Minor Program

The Catholic Studies online program at the University of Mary is an extension of our exciting interdisciplinary program that examines the Catholic Church’s contributions to human thought and culture—designed specifically for learners from across the globe using the University’s refined online delivery.

In this program, you will:

  • Explore the interplay between Catholicism and culture.
  • Encounter the interaction of faith and reason within multiple disciplines.
  • Experience how Catholic faith can enliven every facet of your life.

Mary's Catholic Studies Program seeks to bring together a community of online learners who together discover the many ways that Catholicism can be integrated into one’s academic, professional, cultural, personal, and social life.

Online students can complete a series of courses that combine for a certificate—the equivalent of a minor. Students without a bachelor’s degree may consider combining this minor with one of our other online bachelor’s degree programs designed specifically for the working adult.

Online Catholic Studies Minor Program Highlights

The University of Mary’s online undergraduate program in Catholic Studies can foster lifelong learning for any student, regardless of age. The content will not only enrich your understanding of religion in general, it will also deepen your knowledge of the Catholic faith and yourself.

Catholic Studies students will:

Integrate faith and reason

As encouraged by Pope John Paul II in Ex Corde Ecclessiae, the program integrates faith and reason within different disciplines and professions, allowing students to discern how divine faith and human reason are complementary, not competitive.

Study with a Catholic perspective

Immerse in interdisciplinary study from a Catholic perspective, including varied fields such as theology, history, business, literature, fine art, philosophy, health care, architecture, politics, education, and more.

Apply values and virtues

Apply core Catholic, Benedictine values and virtues as you work to practice a vigorous spiritual and sacramental life through coursework and mentorship.

Be transformed

Study how to effectively apply the Catholic faith to every facet of your life, and experience the transformational effect that comes from that study.

Articulate the faith

Learn how to articulate the coherence of faith and reason and its application in your everyday life and professional career.

Online Learning at Mary

The University of Mary has been a leader in education designed for the working adult for over 20 years. As a result, you can be confident that your instruction will utilize the best that online education can offer.

Mary’s online programs are affordable, flexible, and respected.


  1. Affordable online education

    The University of Mary is the most affordable, serious Catholic university in the nation.

  2. Tuition

    While other universities continue to raise their rates, the University of Mary recently lowered its tuition rate for its online programs! Students pay $440 per credit for tuition!
  3. Financial aid

    Financial Aid is available for online degree programs as well! Your personal admissions rep will ensure you receive the best financial package possible, so contact us today to meet your admissions rep!


  1. Start anytime

    Most classes start every 5 weeks all year long.

  2. Class format

    Our online undergraduate program in Catholic Studies provides all of the convenience of online education and the quality afforded by our cutting-edge technology. Learn at your pace, and fit your coursework into your busy life.


  1. Accreditation

    The University of Mary is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

  2. Collaborative learning in online programs

    You will engage with a group of adult student peers, providing strong support, work teams, and long-lasting friendships.

  3. Online learning technology

    Our state-of-the-art online learning software, called Canvas, helps to ensure that you receive top-quality instruction and a high-quality experience. See how our teachers use Canvas.

  4. Learn from field leaders

    Our instructors include some of those at the forefront of Catholic Studies. In fact, the pioneer of the entire academic discipline, Dr. Don Briel, is a faculty member on our staff!

Required courses (Minor):

CTH 150, CTH 250, CTH 350, CTH/THE 234 (taken sophomore year if possible); any two of CTH 101, CTH/PHI 210 or CTH/HSS 220 and two additional CTH courses from two of the following three options: CTH/HIS advanced elective (either CTH/HIS 330 or CTH/HIS 310); CTH 301; or CTH special topics (325 or 425).