Meet the SURVE Faculty

Our SURVE faculty mentor our students through their research projects – supervising more in the beginning stages of the research and scaling back as students learn the skills and strategies needed to succeed in the lab. Over the course of the summer, students become more independent and the faculty become more of a resource as needed.


Dr. Daniel Barr

Dr. Daniel A. Barr, PhD

Chemistry — Our students in chemistry use computational modeling and molecular simulations to understand the mechanisms by which proteins operate.


Dr. David Ronderos

Dr. David S. Ronderos, PhD 

Biology — Dr. Ronderos’ lab focuses on the characterization of genes in the visual system.



Dr. James Peliska

Dr. James A. Peliska, PhD 

Biochemistry — Dr. Peliska works with the students studying biochemical enzyme mechanisms.



Dr. Khalid-Oweis

Dr. Khalid Oweis

Engineering — Together with Dr. Barr's lab, we are developing and using statistical analysis techniques for analyzing large and complex data sets.



Dr. John Boyle

Dr. John (‘Jack’) H. Boyle

Biology — Dr. Boyle’s group works with publicly available museum records to reconstruct how different species' presence and abundance have changed over the 20th and 21st centuries.



Dr. Joseph Biggane

Dr. Joseph P. Biggane, PhD

BiologyBiggane’s lab investigates how bioelectricity influences cell behaviors outside the nervous system.


SURVE Faculty Alumni

Dr. Christine Fleischacker

Biology — Fleischacker researched HHMI SEA-PHAGES and related projects in host-specificity and immunological response. (2019)