Gregorian Scholars Honors Program

The University of Mary's Gregorian Scholars Honors Program extends the liberal arts tradition by inviting students to engage great thinkers and texts, examine beautiful works of art, experience outstanding performances, explore the natural and historical sites of North Dakota and the Great Plains, and enjoy meals and conversations with faculty and guest speakers.


The program is based in the liberal arts but attracts students from across the disciplines and schools. The liberal arts provide a place of personal engagement with the most significant and pressing questions of human existence. Faith and reason, drawing from the Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine intellectual traditions, meet those questions in the deepest recesses of the human heart.

The Gregorian Scholars Honors Program is a community of students and teachers that unites the intellectual life, faith, and our local cultural history to provide an invigorating atmosphere of thought and reflection.  Key to this program is the personal attention that faculty give to the students, a forum that allows for the human spirit of each student to find expression, expand, and mature with a hope of fostering the good life everywhere they go.  Those students who have deep longings for the beautiful, the noble, and the true, for a profound encounter with the Great Tradition, for a richer interior life and vision, and for fruitful friendship will find in this program a challenging and supportive home with their peers and teachers.

Students will have opportunities to attend dinners, guest lectures, and film showings, musical events and theatre. The program also includes annual field trips to farms, reservations, retreat centers, historic sites, and the badlands.

These extracurricular opportunities are supported by experiences in the classroom, where students will have the occasion to participate in three colloquia per semester with honors faculty. In addition, students will complete three credit hours of foreign language at an intermediate level.


Along with the educational and intellectual opportunities of the honors program, there are also a number of scholarship opportunities.

For qualified Gregorian Scholars Honors Program applicants, there is the possibility to earn an additional $1,500 St. Thomas Aquinas Scholars Award per year for four years, on top of their existing academic scholarships. In addition, one incoming member may also earn the $4,000 Presidential Scholarship per year for four years. Scholarships will be awarded based on application essays into the Honors program and are determined by the Honors Program Council.