Michael F. Hickman, PhD

Politics and Pre-professions Chair


Dr. Hickman completed a PhD in Political Theory at the Catholic University of America in 2014. Prior to beginning doctoral work, he practiced law for five years in South Carolina and Washington, DC. Other degrees include a JD from Ave Maria School of Law, a Master of Politics from the University of Dallas, a BS in Geology from Radford University, and a BS in Psychology from the College of Charleston. Hickman joined the University of Mary faculty in 2014.

His scholarly interests focus primarily on the relation between politics and metaphysics. He published on the specific nature of the political partnership as illuminated by Plato. Currently he is writing a series of articles on the nature of the political community in which he interacts primarily with Aristotle and Eric Voegelin.    

Hickman is Chair of the Politics Program and teaches classes in politics, law, and occasionally philosophy. He has participated in the creation of several study abroad trips and loves to travel. He is married with seven children, ages one to twelve years old. He enjoys languages and is fluent in French.

About the Program

The University of Mary Politics Program is a locus of vibrant exchange that rises from an inquiry into the roots of political order as known by philosophy, to arrive at a knowledge of the workings of our own American institutions. The professors strive to bring current events into fruitful engagement with insights of the ages. In the process, students draw inspiration from the most noble potentials of politics, while learning the temperance of a salutary political realism. The Politics program is a series of courses designed to facilitate truly responsible citizenship.   

Michael F. Hickman (2020) What Is Political? The Irreducibility and Autonomy of Any Political Order, Perspectives on Political Science, 49:1, 37-45, DOI: 10.1080/10457097.2019.1643168