Donald Allen, PT, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Physical Therapy


Born in Iowa, Dr. Allen grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and New York City. With interest in learning how our bodies work, he earned bachelor’s degrees in biology and religious studies at Manhattan College and a Ph.D. in Neuroendocrinology at Rockefeller University. After post-doctoral experiences at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Allen was a research assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati Medical School. In 1997 he started his academic career at the University of Mary. Dr. Allen completed a master’s degree in physical therapy in 2004 and has worked clinically in an out-patient setting. Dr. Allen is a member of the North Dakota Physical Therapy Association and is currently serving on the finance committee. At the University of Mary, he has served on several faculty search committees and is on the safety committee. Dr. Allen is married and has two grown children. He enjoys reading, traveling, camping, and bike riding. He has led seven international service-learning experiences with PT students to Guatemala.

Courses Taught/teaching interests

  • PTH 505 and PTH 506 Anatomy I and II
  • PTH 508 Neuroscience
  • PTH 523, PTH 524, and PTH 526 Systems Screening I, II, and III
  • PTH 633 Cardiopulmonary Management
  • PTH 660 and PTH 760 Service-Oriented Learning Experience SOLE I and II