Dennis Viernes, PhD

Chemistry Program Chair


Dennis R. Viernes, PhD, is currently an Assistant Professor and Program Chair of Chemistry at the University of Mary. He received his PhD from Syracuse University (2012). His research interests lie in the field of organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry.

As the Chemistry Program Chair, he is involved in the chemistry program development. In addition, Viernes supervises, with the laboratory manager, the chemistry laboratory assistants at the University of Mary who help the program’s classes. Aside from his involvement in the chemistry program, he is currently serving as the primary advisor of the Science and Pre-Professional Association (SPA), which is a student organization for science related fields.

About the Program

The Chemistry program at the University of Mary provides students with the necessary knowledge to troubleshoot complex problems, perform detailed analysis, and make decision based on research. It also provides an engaging and learning atmosphere, which fosters community and academic leadership while offering each student the opportunities, skills, theories, and experiences to be an ethical and successful professional. Currently, the program is composed of four full-time teaching faculty, some adjunct faculty.

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