Public Administration Certificate

The Public Administration certificate equips students with public sector, human resource, and leadership competencies required for serving community needs at the federal, state, and local level. Incorporated into the classes are the university’s Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine values, encouraging students to become ethical servant leaders.



Foundations of Public Administration (3 credits)

This course is designed to provide as analysis of public administration in our American system of government. A specific focus will be placed on how the public and private 52 sectors differ from the perspectives of leadership, logistics and organization. The course will examine the foundations, organization, financing and management of this administrative responsibility.

Public Finance and Budgeting (3 credits)

Students will master the concepts related to public-sector budgeting and fiscal administration. Students will come to understand how to effectively justify appropriations requests and scrutinize requests from other departments. Students will evaluate the procurement process specific to public agencies. The procurement understanding includes, but is not limited to: the creation of Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Information (RFI), Invitation to Bid (ITB) and Full-time equivalent (FTE) employee requests.

Leadership in the Public Sector (3 credits)

This course provides students with an in-depth analysis of leadership within the public sector. As a foundation for understanding, leadership will be discussed through basic situational and behavioral theories. These theories will be compared and contrasted with effective leadership in the private sector. There will also be an analysis of effective strategies to maximize the chances for a citizen to be “electable”—from exploratory research to nomination, and from campaigning to fundraising.