Project Management Certificate

The Project Management certificate enhances students’ management, leadership, and communication skills. Students from any industry will learn how to executive projects effectively – on time and on budget.


Intro to Project Management (3 credits)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of project management and program management,  addressing the culture, principles, and basic techniques of project management. The course reviews the general stages of a project in chronological order, describes how the stages interrelate, and identifies the basic tools of project and program management, such as work breakdown structure, scheduling, earned value analysis and risk management. These tools are introduced by the instructor and subsequently used in student assignments. The elements of project management critical to the success of a project are also identified and explained. The principles and tools are integrated and clarified through case studies from a variety of organizational settings and through creation of project management plans developed by students working in teams.

Project Initiation (3 credits)

This course will address aligning project goals with broader organizational goals. Project feasibility and selection, interpersonal and organizational issues related to the initiation of projects will be discussed. Topics to be included are: identifying and communicating with project stakeholders; working effectively with project sponsors and resource managers; identifying the team skill sets needed for a project; identifying project managers and project teams; producing a “business case,” which includes a statement of work (SOW); performing initial risk analyses; and, producing a “project charter."

Project Planning (3 credits)

This course will introduce the process of project planning and will include the topics of defining the scope of a project, identifying potential problems early in a project, providing quality planning, ensuring consistent organizational goals, maintaining effective communications, and setting expectations needed for sound decision-making. It will build upon the work performed during the Project Initiation class and provides the prerequisites for the Project Execution and Control class.

Project Execution and Control (3 credits)

This course will continue with the planning techniques of the Project Planning course and will introduce the execution phase requirements for developing the product or service that a project was commissioned to deliver. This includes: managing changes to a project’s scope and schedule, implementing quality assurance and quality control processes, controlling and managing costs as established in a project budget, planning and monitoring the progress of deliverables, and utilizing a risk management plan.