Healthcare Certificate

The Healthcare certificate is especially valuable for students who aspire to be administrators, managers, and executives in the business healthcare setting. Healthcare providers are the largest employer of these students, but students who work in medical practices, healthcare management companies, biotech firms, and pharmaceutical companies will also find this certificate extremely useful.


Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Administration (3 credits)

The field of healthcare is rapidly changing. Effective administrators and managers must stay abreast of current issues to proactively assess and prepare for the impact to their particular field within the industry. This course discusses and evaluates evolving issues and provides a venue for debate and analysis of potential impact.

Healthcare Organizations and Finance (3 credits)

This course is designed to provide students with a practical understanding of healthcare financial issues, financial reporting and analysis. Financial management tools and methods used in budget preparation, evaluation of investment alternatives, financial forecasting and capital structures are covered with a focus on common practices in healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Law and Policy (3 credits)

This course will provide a basic foundation of the legal system and broad analysis of laws which impact health care. Topics of particular focus in the course will include professional licensing regulations, practices which create legal liability for health care providers and health care institutions, requirements and pitfalls of reimbursement and payment systems, the decision-making processes for death and dying, and the exploration of laws which may directly or indirectly impact health care.