Executive Certificate

The Executive certificate is designed to advance students’ business management knowledge and prepare you for leadership positions in diverse business settings. Students are able to apply the principals you learn the very next day at work, and to continue striving towards your career goals.


Information Systems for Managers (3 credits)

Directly concerned with the management issues surrounding information and telecommunications systems, it presents the ingredients of management knowledge necessary for success in the management of information technology. This course views information technology from the perspective of managers at several levels – from the CEO to the first line manager. It provides frameworks and management principles that current or aspiring managers can employ to cope with the challenges inherent in the implementation of rapidly advancing technology.

Organizational Communication and Transition Management (3 credits)

This course is designed to teach an awareness of the managerial communication skills necessary to effectively lead an organization and its members through change and transition. Throughout the course, topics such as group communication, interpersonal communication, leadership, human relationships, and organizational culture and climate will be examined.

Strategic Planning and Execution (3 credits)

Students are introduced to the concepts, processes and tools used in organizational strategic planning. The strategic alignment of people, resources and processes to the vision, mission, and purpose of the organization are addressed. Students study the principles of strategic management and link these principles to both sound theory and best practices.