Criminal Justice Certificate

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A Criminal Justice certificate aligns well with careers in law enforcement, corrections, the judicial system, and others. Students learn from professors who have years of on-the-job experience, enhancing your ability to be a competent professional, servant leader, and critical thinker.


Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 credits)

The criminal justice system and process, including: crime, law-making, criminality, prosecution, police, courts and corrections. Both historical and contemporary practices are covered.

Criminal Justice Administration

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Police Science (3 credits)

The foundations of policing in the United States are studied through an exploration of the history, organization and process of police systems, as well as contemporary policing issues.

Corrections (3 credits)

Survey of current correctional thought and practice in the United States. Evolution of modern correctional practices in different types of institutions and in the community. Course includes a critical review of how politics influences sentencing and impacts the size of the correctional system.