Meet the Faculty

Daniel Barr HeadshotDr. Daniel A. Barr, PhD – Work in Dr. Barr’s group uses computational modeling and molecular simulations to understand the mechanisms by which Prdx6 operates. By studying the effects of mutations at important sites in the protein, we explore the pathways of communication throughout the protein to identify allosteric sites, predict amino acids that are critical for function, and identify the molecular basis of the mechanism of the protein.


David Ronderos HeadshotDr. David S. Ronderos, PhD – Dr. Ronderos’s lab focuses on the characterization of genes in the visual system.  We use the model organism, Drosophila melanogaster, to identify genes required for vision.  Students working on this project will learn to perform DNA isolation, PCR, DNA gel electrophoresis, Enzymatic Restriction Digests, DNA Ligation and Transformation, Preparation of Competent cell, Western blot, basic fly husbandry, and CRISPR experimental design.

David Ronderos HeadshotDr. James A. Peliska, PhD – Together with the labs of Dr. Ronderos and Dr. Barr, we are studying the biochemical enzyme mechanism of the Drosophila enzyme Prdx6. Our lab also studies the mechanism of action of several classes of novel inhibitors of the HIV-1 polymerase reverse transcriptase. Using a combination of biochemical techniques, insilico modeling methods and organic synthesis we are trying to design, build and study increasingly more potent inhibitors of this important viral therapeutic target.