Mark M. Springer, Ph.D.

Current Position
Associate Professor of Political Science
Department of Politics


Doctorate of Philosophy in Political Science, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
May 2004
Dissertation:    Consensus to Conflict:  A Categorization of American State Political Culture 

Master of Arts in Political Science, minor in History, University of North Dakota
May 1998
Thesis: Elazar’s Political Culture: Is it Applicable Today?

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, minor in History, University of North Dakota
May 1996

Research and Teaching Interests

Behavioral political science with emphasis on civic education, American political culture, and public policies.

Brief Bio

I was born and raised in Bismarck, ND. I spent two years of college at Bismarck State College and transferred to the University of North Dakota, finishing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 1996. I met my wife Karri at the University of North Dakota and finished a Master of Arts degree in Political Science in 1998. I earned my doctorate in Political Science from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2004 and taught at Minot State University from 2002 - 2006. I started at the University of Mary Fall 2006 and started advising the Pre-Law club that semester. My wife and I have two kids and I love spending time with them and watching them ice skate.

The bottom line is that I love to teach. I still get the excitement of standing in front of a new group of students at the beginning of each semester. Each individual has an interesting background and history that makes that student unique to the class. I am also happy that by the end of the first month I can stand in front of the class and feel comfortable in knowing, not only the students’ names, but also being able to relate to them by persuading them to look deeper into a subject area. Upon seeing a student’s realization of an answer or their connection to the subject matter, I feel a sense of accomplishment that is difficult to describe. This is what teaching is all about for me.

Courses Taught in Politics Major

POL 101 - Responsible Citizenship
POL 105 - Foundations of Politics
POL 210 - World Politics
POL 302 - State and Local Government
POL 308 - Public Policy Process
POL 316 - American Foreign Relations
POL 408 - Political Sociology
POL 414 - Constitutional Law
POL 440 - Internship
POL 450 - Contemporary Political Thought
POL 460 - Congress & the Presidency
POL 470 - Advanced Politics:  Political Issues in Film
POL 490 - Senior Seminar