Christine Fleischacker, PhD

Christine Fleischacker, PhD | BiologyAssociate Professor, Biology


  • Ph.D., Immunology, The George Washington University, Washington D.C.
  • B.A., Biology & French, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

Dr. Fleischacker’s research interests are in phage discovery (Award recipient for the National SEA Phage Program) and also the effects of exogenous pollutant agents on the development of zebrafish embryos.

Selected Presentations/Publications

  • C. Fleischacker. (2015) “The Integration of Art and Science in the Classroom” and “Designing Your Own Experiment” presented at the North Dakota Science Teachers Association STEAM meeting, Bismarck, ND.
  • C. Fleischacker. (2015) “Science and Medicine” presented at the Spring University of Mary convocation series, Bismarck, ND.
  • C. Fleischacker. (2014) Medical Microbiology Lab manual. Self-published.
  • C. Fleischacker. (2014) “Faith and Science” presented for Theology on Tap, Christ the King Catholic Church, Bismarck, ND.
  • C. Fleischacker. (2014) “History of Science”: presented at the Fall University of Mary convocation, Bismarck, ND.
  • C. Fleischacker. (2014) “Stem Cells and Their Uses” presented for Young Adults group, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Bismarck, ND.
  • Broussard, C.*, C. Fleischacker*, R. Horai*, M. Chetna, A.M. Venegas, L.Sharp, S. Hedrick, B.J. Fowlkes, P. Schwartzberg. 2006. Development of a novel CD8 lineage in mice deficient in the Tec kinases Itk and Rlk. Immunity. Jul 25(1) 93-104. (*These authors contributed equally to this work.)
  • Laky, K., C. Fleischacker, B.J. Fowlkes. 2006. TCR and Notch signaling in CD4 and CD8 T-cell development. Immun. Reviews. 209:273-282.
  • Pechhold, K., Patterson N.B., Blum C., Fleischacker C.L., Boehm, B.O. and Harlan, D.M. 2001. Low Dose Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes in Rat Insulin Promoter-mCD80-Trangenic Mice is T cell Autoantigen-Specific and CD28 Dependent. J Immunol. 166:2531-2539.