Carol Andreini, PhD

Dr. Carol Andreini has been a classicist most of her life. A native of Connecticut, she received a Classical Diploma from Sacred Heart Academy, a B.A. in Classics from the College of New Rochelle (New York), and an M.A. and PhD in Classics from the University of Minnesota. In 1977 Dr. Andreini was hired by Cardinal Muench Seminary in Fargo, North Dakota, to teach Classics at North Dakota State University. It was initially a one-year appointment. She was still there thirty-four years later when, sadly, the Seminary closed in 2011.

Since then, Dr. Andreini has been privileged to be Professor of Classics at the University of Mary and to teach courses in History and Catholic Studies, as well as Greek and Latin. She is delighted to work with all interested students in any and every area of Classical Studies.