University of Mary Mace

In ancient days the mace was carried for protection, but since medieval times has come to symbolize the order of a university in formal session and its authority to carry out its mission.

The Benedictine cross, a symbol of the university’s Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine identity, sits at the top of the mace. The Benedictine medal and University of Mary seal, both imprinted with the cross, are encased on opposite sides of the mace. The cherry staff is ringed with six bands that alternate between wood and gold. These stand for the core Benedictine values of community, hospitality, respect for persons, prayer, service, and moderation that are formative to the servant-leadership experience at University of Mary. Twelve vertical grooves are a reference to the Church’s first 12 apostles. At the bottom of the mace is a brass hame ball (harness decoration). It stands in tribute to the pioneers who worked the land and to the founding Sisters who collaborated with them to develop a center of higher learning to serve the region.