• Coordinator of Student Recreation and Wellness
Student Life

About Me

I have spent my career in the fields of education and recreation, and I've dedicated my life to creating ways for communities to engage in all forms of leisure, sport, and activity. I am passionate about facilitating sport activities as an official at the local and national levels in order for athletes to have opportunities to learn important life skills through fair competition. I enjoy reading, golfing, running, officiating, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Why I’m At Mary

Lifelong wellness is a passion of mine, and seeing our community enjoy leisure activities while creating lifelong friendships and demonstrating faith and service to others is rewarding. I strive to create an environment in our fieldhouse where all students, staff, and faculty can engage in a variety of activities, including working out in the fitness center, fitness classes, leisure games, rock climbing, and intramural sports. Our community at University of Mary is one in which I am able to build strong relationships, make meaningful connections on a daily basis, and facilitate recreation and wellness activities for all.


BS (Education)
MS (Strategic Leadership)