• Associate Professor of Athletic Training
Saint Gianna School of Health Sciences

About Me

Teaching in the Athletic Training (AT) & Kinesiology Department at Mary gives me great joy. I am passionate about the field of AT and enjoy passing the craft on to future professionals. I enjoyed practicing AT for over 21 years, in addition to my clinical expertise, while working in sports performance enhancement programing at local facilities, club teams, and for the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Team.

I have been involved in creating many strong, fast, and healthy athletes. My personal motto to-date is "prevention is the best medicine." The University of Mary has great faculty and staff, and I love the campus view overlooking the Missouri River.

Why I’m At Mary

This is my alma matter. It was always my goal to teach athletic training here someday. I had wonderful jobs and a quality career in Illinois for many years; but in 2014 I obtained a FT faculty position in the athletic training Program where I serve to-date. This is my "dream job," teaching the great profession of athletic training to other future alumni of this great institution. Hooks Up!


21 Years of Clinical Experience in high schools and outpatient rehabilitation clinics. 20 years of teaching Athletic Training Curriculum at Lewis University & University of Mary.

Areas of contemporary expertise in Athletic Training include:

  • Prevention & Wellness,
  • Rehabilitation & Therapeutic Interventions,
  • Primary Care,
  • Research Methodologies/Evidenced-Based Medicine, and
  • Sports Performance Enhancement.

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PhD: Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, 2018
MS: Northeastern Illinois University, 1995
BS (Double): University of Mary, 1993

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