• Director of Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Assistant Professor
Saint Gianna School of Health Sciences

About Me

Originally from Iowa, I attended the University of Northern Iowa as an undergraduate student in exercise science. There I discovered an interest in working with people to improve their health through personal training. The interest grew into passion for teaching during my masters programming, leading to my pursuit of a Ph.D. I studied under Dr. Mike Stone in the field of Sport Science at East Tennessee State University, working with multiple division 1 and NAIA athletic teams. I still enjoy working with people, either in the classroom or through exercise education and training.

Why I’m At Mary

The clinical focus of the exercise science and exercise physiology programs brought me to the University of Mary. The clinical aspect allows me to teach and research on the effects of exercise on chronic conditions and diseases. The exercise clinic provides students exposure to populations they will work with throughout their career, adding a practical component to traditional learning.


My primary research interests include biomarkers (cell free DNA, adiponectin, CTRP3, and hemoglobin A1C) used to monitor the response of insulin resistance to resistance and aerobic training, and the effects of environment on physical activity habits. I also enjoy learning how exercise effects epigenetic modifications in relation to cancer and depression susceptibility.

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B.A. Exercise Science, University of Northern Iowa, 2014
M.A. Kinesiology, University of Northern Iowa, 2015
Ph.D. Sport Physiology, East Tennessee State University, 2020