• Associate Professor of History and Catholic Studies
  • Chair of Language and Literature Department
  • NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative
School of Arts & Sciences

About Me

I am an assistant professor of history and Catholic studies. I am a social historian of the medieval world, focusing my research on the intersection of religion and culture in medieval communities. I teach courses on medieval history, medieval pilgrimage, religion and culture, as well as courses on the history of education and Catholic studies. I have published papers and book chapters on history, anthropology, law, economics, and education. My most recent work focuses on mechanisms of solidarity in local communities and on new approaches to the person in disability history.

Why I’m At Mary

As a native of North Dakota, I love the beautiful sky and magnificent views of the Missouri bluffs at Mary! After years of living abroad in Europe and Canada, it is a joy to return to the high plains and to the University of Mary, where I enjoy deep intellectual friendships and conversations with my colleagues and students about deeply true things, both human and divine.


In addition to my teaching and research, I have served as an advisor and board member to various educational and non-profit initiatives that support the development of the dignity of work, the home, women, and children. I have served on educational advisory committees for schools and dioceses and as an advisor to NGOs on United Nations policy. I currently serve at the University of Mary as the administrative chair for languages and literature and as the University of Mary’s faculty representative to the NCAA.


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2018 — "Indulgences and Memory in the Medieval English Parish Context" at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds, U.K. 2018 — "Redeeming the Captive: Indulgences, Solidarity and the Hundred Years’ War” at the 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI.

2012 — “Medieval Virtual Pilgrimage and the Hereford Mappa Mundi,” University of St. Thomas.

2012 — “A History of Housework, 1900-present” at the Symposium on the Work of the Home, sponsored IESE/University of Navarra, New York City.

2005 — “Preaching and Indulgences in Late Medieval England” at St. Michael’s College Symposium, Toronto, Ontario.


BA: Franciscan University
MA: Catholic University of America
PhD: University of Toronto