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An appropriate words, worthy of the rare good old days, happy golden light, according rolex replica watches to the human soul, warm. Gold is a calm day. Some days are gray, lead cloud falls, rainy, accompanied by harsh rumble of thunder and lightning. Some days are bright and icy blue, extending over the frosted dome and sheds. Some days or even red - spring wrapped in dust, the evening sky painted red, when the crops in the ground yet Wengen Riza. There are days and even in the sky covered with a layer of velvety dark blue blanket, has been extended to the night omega replica watches inside. He likes this autumn, staring deep sky, he would forget his own world. He imagined God to let their light penetra.

Ting darkness in the night sky thorn out of a pinhole. As a child, he would rolex replica watches for sale like to look at the sky, hoping to continue to see the deepest, see the shadow of the Creator. He never stopped staring, even though he had a nineteen-year-olds birthday, that he has grown up, should no longer do so. For him, every day has a different color. All the colors he has experienced. Each color has a memory in his mind, an irreplaceable position. However, all this can not be comparable to the golden days. Gold is the color of wheat omega replica watches fields, rolling waves of grain has been extended from the father of the field, through the low hills. Golden sun shone on his face kind of warmth. Gold.

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