Financial Services and Banking Bachelor's Degree Program

Four year degree; Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS)
Program Advisor: Susann Cuperus

Prepare for a career in the 21st century world of banking and finance. In the Financial Services and Banking bachelorís degree program, you will learn to analyze financial statements, develop strategies for managing portfolios, and understand risk and its effects on finance and investment decisions. The University of Mary financial services and banking bachelorís degree incorporates Christian, Catholic, Benedictine values into its core curriculum, and offers a variety of opportunities to serve in the community.

Financial services and banking is a registered Certified Financial Planner Board program. Successful completion of the bachelorís degree program means that you meet the prerequisite education requirement to apply for the CFP Certification exam. Classes are led by distinguished faculty with real-world experience working in the finance and banking industry.

Financial Services and Banking Bachelorís Degree Program Highlights

As you pursue your bachelorís degree in financial services and banking, you will have opportunities to:

  • Design and evaluate personal financial plans, including investment, retirement, and estate plans.
  • Build relationships within the community and with individuals in the banking and finance profession.
  • Participate in the Emerging Leaders Academyóa program that offers selected students the chance to take part in exciting field experiences and leadership projects.
  • Develop a strong understanding of the economic, political, and regulatory environment of the financial services and banking industry.
  • Use information technologies to access, analyze, and report financial information.
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Course Requirements for Your Bachelorís Degree in Financial Services and Banking

Requirements for the financial services and banking major:

  • *ACC 101, *102, 403, *BUS 201, 215, 220, 311, 317, 318, 333, 362, 372, 380, 381, 418, 460; 446 or 452
  • *ECN 203, 204; *ENG 121, *COM 110, *MAT 180, *CIS 101 or pass the equivalency exam.
  • ALU 499, Senior Competencies Assessment (an exam taken during your last semester of study).

* Should be completed prior to application to the financial services and banking major.

Requirements for the financial services and banking minor:

  • ACC 101, 102; MAT 103; ECN 203, 204; BUS 317, 362, 372, 381

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