Catholic Studies Bachelor's Degree Program

Four year degree; Bachelor of Arts, BA
Program Advisor: Dr. Matthew Gerlach

Discover the many ways the Catholic faith can be integrated into your academic, professional, cultural, and personal life.

The Catholic Studies bachelor degree at the University of Mary is an exciting interdisciplinary program that examines the Catholic Churchís contributions to human thought and culture, past and present. As a Catholic Studies major, you will learn to incorporate the values and practices of Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine spirituality into your life and profession. The Catholic Studies bachelorís degree program welcomes students of any faith who are interested in religious studies and wish to deepen their knowledge of Catholicismís rich history.

Catholic Studies Bachelorís Degree Program Highlights

The University of Maryís undergraduate Catholic Studies program will not only enrich your understanding of religion in general, it will also deepen your knowledge of the Catholic faith and yourself. As a Catholic Studies major you will:

  • Study a wide range of fields from a Catholic perspective, including theology, history, economics and business, spiritual writings, art, philosophy, health care, architecture, political thought, the sciences, education, and literature.
  • Integrate faith and reason within different disciplines and professions, joining faculty and students from a variety of programs to discover how divine faith and human reason are two complementary, not competitive, orders of human knowledge.
  • Learn how to articulate the essential harmony of faith and reason and its application in your primary major and future profession.
  • Learn to apply the Catholic faith to every facet of your life, and experience how this faith can transform every aspect of ordinary life.
  • Apply Catholic, Benedictine values as you learn to practice a vigorous spiritual and sacramental life through courses and other activities.
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Study in Rome

Rome is the heart of the Catholic faith and the site of the University of Maryís newest campus. U-Mary students can live and study abroad while learning about Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine heritage firsthand. Having been immersed in the cultural and religious splendors of Italy, you will return home with a new vision of life and its purposeóand an even deeper passion for learning. The program is particularly encouraged for U-Mary Catholic Studies students and sophomores. Qualified students can spend a semester or five weeks in studies and educational travel in Italy and other countries as well.

Course Requirements for Your Bachelorís Degree in Catholic Studies

Requirements for the Catholic Studies major include:

  • Four foundation courses (100- and 200-level)
  • Five advanced courses (300- and 400-level), for a total of nine courses with a minimum of 34 credits

Requirements for the Catholic Studies minor include:

  • Three foundation courses (100- and 200-level)
  • Two advanced courses (300- or 400-level), for a total of five courses with a minimum of 18 total credits

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The Catholic Studies bachelorís degree is an ideal program to combine with another major. If you are considering pursuing a bachelorís degree in Catholic Studies, you might also be interested in the following undergraduate programs offered at our main campus in Bismarck, North Dakota:

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