The program is based on the Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine tradition of service to others. It serves people in need on the university campus, the civic community and throughout the area.

Why Volunteer?

The Student Volunteer Program provides meaningful connections between students and those in need:

  • Allows you to give your time and talents in a generous spirit of service to others in the larger community
  • Gives you an opportunity to meet other students who value service and share a common experience
  • Gives you a sense of belonging and purpose
  • Helps you draw closer to God
  • Student Volunteer Record

The University of Mary has implemented the use of a Student Volunteer Record (SVR). Students can have their volunteer activities recorded in the Student Volunteer Office and request copies of this record as needed. The benefit of the SVR is to assist students in their effort to:

  • Develop a resume
  • Apply to their major
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Apply for jobs
  • Apply for graduate school