The University of Mary is one of only a handful of colleges and universities nationwide to offer students 24/7 anytime dining making it possible for students to visit The Crow’s Nest Campus Restaurant as many times as they wish, twenty fours a day. This makes student meal plans at the university a great value because students are able to stop in anytime for a meal, for some fire-grilled pizza, a burger, a snack, fresh fruit, or an espresso-style coffee drink. The Crow’s Nest is also a great place to socialize around the fireplace, to study with groups, and to play pool or video games. With an award winning chef, a registered dietitian and a state-of-the-art G8 servery for students with special dietary needs, the University of Mary is a leader in student dining.

Dining Options

All residents of Boniface West, North, Hillside, Greg Butler, Roers, Saint Joseph's and Saint Scholastica Halls are required to purchase a Marauder Platinum, Blue, or Orange plan. If a student resident of one of these halls does not elect one of these plans by the start of the semester, the university will automatically bill him/her for a Marauder Platinum plan.

Commuter students as well as the residents of Deichert, Boyle and The Cloisters are not required to purchase a plan but may elect to purchase any of the plans.

You can log in and select your meal plan online by following the directions below:

  • Your username is your UMary email without @umary.edu
  • Your password is your email password.
      • For example, Sarah D. Smith's username would be sdsmith1 and her password is her email password.
  • Click on “Meal Plans” on the top of the page.
      • Click on “Select/Change My Plan”
      • Select a term: Select the correct term (i.e. Fall, Spring or Summer)
      • Click on “Change Dining Plan”
      • Select your new dining plan 
      • Click “Submit”
  • Each semester there is a deadline for making changes or cancellations. The deadline is published in the meal plan brochure for the semester in question. Students who have questions may contact the Student Development Office in Room 1503 of the Benedictine Center for Servant Leadership or at 701-355-8217.

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Residence Dining Options

Students living in the following residence halls are required to purchase one of three meal plans. If a student does not select a plan they will be billed for an Anytime Platinum Plan.

  • Boniface West Hall Residence for Men
  • Greg Butler Hall Residence for Men
  • Hillside Hall Residence for Women
  • North Hall Residence for Men
  • Roers Hall Residence for Women
  • Saint Joseph's Hall for Men
  • Saint Scholastica Hall for Women

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Apartment and Commuter Dining Options

Commuter students or those students living in apartments including:

  • Deichert
  • Boyle
  • Subiaco
  • Monte Cassino

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