University of Mary Launches 'Catholic Scholars Program'

Feb. 11, 2010
Revised May 6, 2010

Bismarck, ND--Beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year, students who have graduated from Catholic high schools will be able to continue their Catholic education on a college level at a public school price, as the University of Mary, America's Leadership University, debuts its new "Catholic Scholars Program." The new initiative will allow graduates of any Catholic high school to receive free room and board on campus at the University of Mary if they enroll as first-time freshmen.

"We are pleased and excited to offer this new way to enable graduates of Catholic secondary schools to further their education at a private Catholic university at a price comparable to what they would pay at a public institution," says Brenda Kaspari, vice president for Enrollment Services.

The new, donor-funded "Catholic Scholars Program" represents the minimum institutional aid commitment the University of Mary makes to graduates of Catholic high schools. While this program cannot be combined with any other University of Mary scholarships, upon a personalized review of their circumstances, students from all backgrounds may qualify for even more substantial aid based on merit and need.

U-Mary continues to rank as one of the most affordable private colleges in the nation.
Since 2006, U-Mary has offered the "Freedom Plan," which allows graduates of Bismarck-Mandan high schools to have free room and board on campus while attending as first-time freshmen. The "Catholic Scholars" program expands this offer to graduates of Catholic high schools.

"The ‘Catholic Scholars' program is a natural outgrowth of both the University of Mary's commitment to making an excellent education accessible to worthy students, regardless of their economic situation and its Christian, Catholic and Benedictine identity," says Kaspari. "It is a most fitting way to carry forward the mission of our founders and sponsors, the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation."

For more information about U-Mary's "Catholic Scholars Program," contact University of Mary Admissions at [email protected] or 1 (800) 288-6279.