Music Scholarship Application

The University of Mary Music Department has scholarship funds available for music students and encourages your application. Music scholarship awards are offered on the basis of merit, and scholarships are available for music majors, music minors and ensemble participants.

All fields are required. Note: We respect your privacy. The information you submit in this form is for our in-house use only, to help us better serve your needs and interests. We do not share or sell this information to outside parties.

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Proposed Major(s): B.A. Music
B.A. w/ emphasis in Sacred Music
B.S. Music Education
B.M. Performance
Other (Please list other major below)
* Proposed Minor(s): Music
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Summarize your performance experience in school groups, festivals, summer camps, music honors, etc.:
Enter a 1-2 paragraph statement explaining why you feel that you would qualify for a music scholarship:

I would like to audition on the following date: Saturday, Dec. 7 (Christmas at Mary)
Friday, Jan. 31 (Jazz Festival)
Saturday, Feb.1 (Jazz Festival)
Monday, Feb. 17
I cannot attend any of these dates. Please contact me to schedule an audition.
I live more than 250 miles from campus. I will mail an audition CD and/or DVD to the Music Department.
I would like to participate in the following performance groups at University of Mary: Concert Band
Concert Choir
Jazz Ensemble
Vocal Jazz
Pep Band
Piano Accompaniment
* Students who accept a piano accompanist scholarship must concurrently enroll in Applied Music: Piano for the duration of their scholarship.

To help us prepare your audition schedule, please answer the following questions:
Have you already visited the campus and met with your admission representative: Yes      No
Have you taken a formal tour of the campus: Yes      No
Would you like a complimentary Jazz Festival ticket? Festival concert is on January 31st: Yes      No
If yes, how many tickets:

   I have reviewed this application and supporting materials and, to the best of my knowledge, find the information presented to be complete and accurate.

In order to receive a music scholarship, a personal audition is required. Prospective music majors and minors will also complete assessment testing in music theory and piano skills on the day of their audition. These exams are for course placement purposes only and will not affect admission or scholarship consideration. Upon receipt of your completed Music Scholarship Application, a member of the University of Mary Music Faculty will contact you with the details of your audition schedule. Audition recordings will be accepted only from candidates for whom travel distances make a live audition impractical.

Students must also apply to, and be accepted at, the University of Mary and submit the FAFSA before any music scholarship offer will be made. Scholarship award letters will be mailed beginning in March 2014.

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