Campus Ministry:  

"Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ."
-- Galatians 6:2
Faith Formation
Off-Campus Retreats:
Every month, Campus Ministry hosts off-campus retreats for teens in the local area. Most of these retreats take place in parish churches, although there is one retreat each semester for the youth at the North Dakota Youth Correctional Center. At these retreats, University of Mary students do skits, lead games, give talks, initiate small group sharing, and pray with the teens. The retreats are fun and meaningful experiences both for the students who host them, and for the youth who attend them.
On-Campus Retreats:
Campus Ministry hosts retreats for University of Mary students in their residence halls once a month. At the retreats, the group prays together, reflects on important issues, listens to a speaker, has snacks, and does a fun activity. The retreats promote faith and fellowship among students on campus.
Thursday Night Education Series (All sessions are held in Marauder Cove):
Love and Lattes: This series features married couples chatting about various issues relating to relationships, such as communication, disagreements, how to find the right someone, and how to keep God in your relationship.

Benedictine Buzz: These talks consist of Benedictines from the local area discussing issues relating to being a Benedictine in today's society. Benedictine brothers, priests, and sisters talk about such issues as discernment, prayer, and what it is really like to belong to a religious order.

Morals and Mocha: These talks feature diocesan priests discussing hot topic moral issues. Past topics have included such themes as end-of-life issues, contraception, and the Church in relation to environmental stewardship.

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Sacramental Schedule

Eucharistic Liturgy:
Monday - 4:30 pm
Tuesday - 4:30 pm
Wednesday - 10:00 am (all-campus liturgy)
Thursday - 4:30 pm
Friday - 4:30 pm
Sunday - 8:00 pm (all campus liturgy)

Holy Hour and

Monday - 3 to 4 pm
Tuesday - 3 to 4 pm
Wednesday - 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm
--Or by appointment with
Father Benedict, 355-8267--