Degree type(s): Bachelor's
Degree field(s): Humanities; Social Sciences
Location(s): Bismarck, ND
Program offerings by location and modality are subject to change.

Notice: The Government and Political Philosophy program is transitioning into a new Politics program. With this transition, Government and Political Philosophy is no longer a stand alone program, but rather will be a part of the Politics Program. Please check back soon for more details on the new Politics program.

Public Policy Bachelor's Degree Program

Four year degree; Bachelor of Science (BS)

The major in Public Policy at the University of Mary prepares students in understanding how policy is designed, implemented, and analyzed to benefit communities and impact the greater good.  Students will learn the complex nature of policy as it relates to society, the underlying social behavior and problems that relate to policy, and the analytical skills to competently address problems in society.

The Public Policy program is offered as a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Mary’s School of Arts and Sciences, located on our main campus in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Public Policy Degree Program Highlights

The Public Policy degree is a minimum of 126 credit hours. This major fits many of the traditional Political Science major programs with a few changes:

  • Students interested in law school will be able to complete the Pre-Law curriculum along with the major, allowing them to be prepared for entry into law school.
  • Career minded individuals will find the major allows for unique possibilities within local, state, and federal government agencies, parties, and candidates through internship and course related objectives.
  • The course design allows for those interested in graduate work the pre-requisites for a number of Master degree programs.

Career Outlook for Public Policy Majors

Graduates with a degree in Public Policy have a multiple opportunities depending on their own interests.  The program develops analytical, critical thinking, and research skills valued by most employers.  A majority of graduates choose law school or graduate school but jobs are available throughout the United States in various government, political party, and private sector employment positions.

Major in Public Policy:


ENG 121 Composition II
COM 110 Oral Communication
HIS 271 U.S. History I
MAT 103 College Algebra
POL 101 Responsible Citizenship
HIS 272 U.S. History II Lab Science (Core)
Art (Core)
Theology (Core)
ANT 171 Cultural Anthropology
ALU 122 Leadership Seminar


Theology (Core)
PHI 202 Logic
ECN 101 Econ of Soc. Issues
POL 302 State and Local Gov.
POL 250 American Pub. Admin.
MAT 204 Applied Statistics
POL 202 American Gov’t & Politics
PHI 108 Search for Truth Elective
COM 212 Persuasion


SOC 302 Social Problems
HIS 307 Difference & Inequality
POL 308 Public Policy Analysis
ECN 344 Economic Policy
Ethics (Core)
ENG 302 Classic & Contem. Rhetoric


POL 414 Constitutional Law
POL 316-Am. For. Policy Elective
POL 408 Political Sociology
POL 440 Internship
POL 490 Senior Seminar
POL 450 Cont. Political Thought Elective
ALU 499
CIS 101 or Exam

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Mark M. Springer, Ph.D.
Program Chair
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