Degree type(s): Bachelor's; Minor
Degree field(s): Business & Finance
Location(s): Alexandria, MN; Billings, MT; Bismarck, ND; Dickinson, ND; Fargo, ND; Grand Forks, ND; Watford City, ND

The Marketing bachelor’s degree program covers a wide range of business and marketing concepts, from sales to public relations and advertising. You will learn how to position and promote products and services, conduct marketing research, and analyze consumer behavior.

Because marketing is a skill that applies to virtually any business, your bachelor’s degree in marketing will open the door to a vast spectrum of professional opportunities.

Marketing Bachelor’s Degree Program Highlights

In the Marketing bachelor’s degree program at the University of Mary, you will gain unique insights into the world of marketing and business, and have exciting opportunities to gain real-world experience. Program highlights include:

  • Learning to incorporate Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine values and the merits of servant leadership into academic and community projects.
  • Working side-by-side with world-class faculty who bring professional marketing and business experience to their classrooms.
  • An opportunity to take part in the Emerging Leaders Academy, a four-year leadership program for selected students.
  • Developing and implementing effective marketing strategies into an e-commerce environment.
  • Working with a team to develop strategic solutions to real-world business and marketing challenges.

Career Outlook for Marketing Majors

Marketing will continue to be essential for businesses as they look to maintain and expand their share of the market. Marketing managers will be needed to plan, direct, and coordinate advertising and promotions campaigns, as well as to introduce new products to the marketplace. Because marketing managers and their departments are important to an organization’s revenue, marketing managers are less likely to be let go than many other types of managers.

+ Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-’13 Edition.

All of the following courses require a final grade of C or higher to count towards the major. Courses marked with an * should be completed prior to application to the major. They also require a grade of C or higher.

*ACC 101, *102, *CIS 101 or pass the equivalency exam, BUS 200, 201, *215, 230, 311, 330, 333, 340, 341, 362, 380, 403, 406; 446 or 452; COM 329, 330

*ECN 203, 204; *ENG 121, *COM 110,

*MAT 180

Ancillary courses included in the major: COM 204, 226; ART 108

Students must also complete ALU 499, Senior Competencies Assessment, an exam to be taken during their last semester of study.

BUS 215, 230, 330, 333, 340 341; COM 330

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We recommend consulting your advisor for details. Applications are reviewed by the faculty members of the program. You will be notified that you have been admitted, admitted provisionally, or denied admission to the program.

Program Advisor: Karel Sovak

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