Degree type(s): Doctorate
Degree field(s): Healthcare; Nursing
Location(s): Blended (Online / On-site); Bismarck, ND

Family Nurse Practitioner Doctorate Overview

Achieve your Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Mary. Known for excellence in clinical preparation, the BSN to DNP Family Nurse Practitioner degree program provides a strong background in health promotion and disease management for acute and chronic health problems of individuals across the age spectrum. The University of Mary has 25 years of experience preparing Family Nurse Practitioners and a documented history of graduates who are leaders and agents of change promoting high quality, safe patient care.  To keep pace with evolving complexities and required workforce competencies in the healthcare environment, the Master’s option for this program has been retired and the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree implemented.

The Family Nurse Practitioner program includes 86 credits and students complete a total of 1,180 hours of practical clinical and leadership experiences in this blended on-site and online graduate degree program.  One to two years of nursing experience preferred, not required.

Family Nurse Practitioner Program Highlights

Application Deadline:  February 1, 2017

We are in the process of selecting applicants for the fall 2016 FNP program and are currently accepting applications for the program that will begin in the fall of 2017. Students are welcome to take up to 9 credits of core graduate nursing courses and/or the graduate statistics pre-requisite prior to being accepted into the FNP program.

Most instruction takes place online with periodic on-site visits to the University of Mary’s main campus in Bismarck, North Dakota. Clinical experiences can generally be completed in or near your home community.

Programs emphasize evidence-based practice and offer valuable clinical site opportunities, helping you to gain the skills essential for positions of leadership and influence in primary care.
Successful completion of the BSN to DNP degree prepares you to apply for family nurse practitioner national certification through either the American Nurses Credentialing Center or the American Association of Nurse Practitioners Certification Program. Courses are infused with Christian, Catholic, Benedictine values that prepare you as servant leaders and ethical decision-makers.

Our faculty are both exceptional teachers and noted professionals in their fields of study.

The University of Mary's Family Nurse Practitioner program provides students with a first-class educational experience by preparing students in health promotion and disease management for acute and chronic health problems of individuals across the lifespan.  Students earn a terminal degree in Nursing, positioning them to be innovative leaders and transforms healthcare systems to improve the health and well-being of people in our local and global community.

Prerequisite coursework: graduate statistics.

  • HUM 506 New Graduate Student Orientation
  • NUR 510 Healthcare Across the Population
  • NUR 519 Advanced Pathophysiology
  • NUR 551 Critique & Design of Nursing Research
  • NUR 562 Pharmacology for Advanced Practice
  • NUR 567 Advanced Health Assessment
  • NUR 568 Common Health Problems of Maturing Adults
  • NUR 569 Family Theory
  • NUR 570 Primary Care of Women and Children
  • NUR 582 Human Responses, Clinical Decision Making & Diagnostic Testing
  • NUR 584 Health Promotion and Clinical Prevention
  • NUR 586 Clinical Anatomy
  • NUR 601 Evidence-Based Practice and Strategic Healthcare Decision Making
  • NUR 611 Influential Nursing Leadership
  • NUR 612 Professional Roles in Advanced Nursing
  • NUR 636 Acute and Emergent Health Problems
  • NUR 648 Healthcare Law & Policy
  • NUR 656 Seminar and Practicum
  • NUR 702 Comprehensive Examination
  • NUR 810 DNP Scholarship in Clinical Practice I
  • NUR 820 DNP Scholarship in Clinical Practice II
  • NUR 835 DNP Clinical Project I
  • NUR 845 DNP Clinical Project II
  • NUR 850 Teaching and Learning in Nursing
  • NUR 910 DNP Scholarship in Clinical Practice III
  • NUR 920 DNP Scholarship in Clinical Practice IV
  • NUR 935 DNP Clinical Project III
  • NUR 945 DNP Clinical Project IV
  • HUM 799 Graduate Student Assessment Nursing

Even as one of the most affordable private universities in the nation, the University of Mary does offer a variety of scholarships. In fact, 99% of main campus undergraduate students receive some form of scholarship! 

Some scholarships are available for specific academic programs, such as nursing, while other scholarships are available for certain student populations, such as military and veteran students

We strongly encourage you to contact your personal admissions representative to discover all of the options that might be available to you. In many cases, a program specific scholarship is just one component of a complete financial aid package. 

Our admissions professionals will work together with our Office of Financial Assistance to ensure that you get the best financial aid package possible to finance your education. 

Candidates to be considered for the Family Nurse Practitioner program, will be subject to an interview and a head-to-toe physical assessment demonstration on an individual of the candidate's choice.

Application Requirements

  • Completed Application
  • Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Current Unencumbered RN License
  • Official transcripts from all degree granting institutions attended
  • Two letters of reference
  • Criminal background check
  • Criminal background check release form
  • Immunizations
  • Resume
  • Goal statement

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Admission Requirements

Acceptance at the University of Mary does not automatically qualify you to pursue a program in one of the academic programs of study. Application requirements are specific to each major or academic program. 

We recommend consulting your advisor for details. Applications are reviewed by the faculty members of the program. You will be notified that you have been admitted or denied admission to the program.

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