University of Mary School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences seeks to elevate the senses and sharpen the mind in service of Truth. Use the tabs below to see the academic programs offered by Mary's School of Arts & Sciences. You can also use the filters in our program sorter to find the program you're seeking.


Academic Programs in the School of Arts & Sciences

Biology Bachelor's; Minor
Biology Education Bachelor's
Business Communication Bachelor's; Minor
Catechesis and the New Evangelization Minor
Catholic Studies Bachelor's; Minor
Chemistry Bachelor's; Minor
Economics Minor

Engineering Science

English Bachelor's; Minor
English Education Bachelor's
Environmental Sciences Minor
Government and Political Philosophy Bachelor's
History Bachelor's; Minor
History Education Bachelor's 
Indian Studies Minor
Liberal Arts Bachelor's
Liturgy Minor
Mass Communication Bachelor's
Mathematics Bachelor's; Minor
Mathematics Education Bachelor's
Medical Laboratory Science Bachelor's
Music Bachelor's; Minor
Music Education Bachelor's
Music Performance Bachelor's
Music with an Emphasis in Sacred Music Bachelor's
Pastoral Ministry Bachelor's; Minor
Philosophy Bachelor's; Minor
Political Science Minor

Pre-Chiropractic Professional Concentration

Pre-Professional Concentration
Pre-Dentistry Professional Concentration Pre-Professional Concentration
Pre-Law Professional Concentration Pre-Professional Concentration
Pre-Medicine Professional Concentration Pre-Professional Concentration
Pre-Optometry Professional Concentration Pre-Professional Concentration
Pre-Pharmacy Professional Concentration Pre-Professional Concentration
Pre-Physician Assistant Professional Concentration Pre-Professional Concentration
Pre-Podiatry Professional Concentration Pre-Professional Concentration
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Professional Concentration Pre-Professional Concentration
Public Policy Bachelor's
Public Relations Bachelor's; Minor
Sociology Minor
Social Studies Education Bachelor's 
Spanish Bachelor's; Minor
Speech Minor
Speech Education Licensure
Theater Minor
Theological Studies Bachelor's; Minor
Theology Bachelor's; Minor
Web Design Minor
Wildlife Management and Conservation Biology Concentration Pre-Professional Concentration

Faculty and Administrative Staff

  • Dr. Don Briel - Blessed John Henry Newman Chair of Liberal Arts
  • Dr. David Fleischacker - Dean
  • Dr. Leroy Huizenga - SOAS Admin Chair
  • Madeline Dojs - Administrative Assistant
  • Clay Jenkinson - SOAS Consultant
  • Dr. Nathan Kilpatrick - SOAS Admin Chair
  • Dr. Michael Lares - SOAS Admin Chair
  • Iola Ressler - Administrative Assistant
  • Mary Beth Timian - Administrative Assistant
  • Kyia Zubke - Administrative Assistant
  • Dr. Stephen Armet
  • Dr. Carol Andreini
  • Dr. Ann Brodeur
  • Dr. Donald Bungum
  • Dr. Matthew Gerlach
  • Rebecca Raber
  • Fr. Robert Shea (Chaplain)
  • Dr. Joseph Stuart
  • Dr. Carol Andreini
  • Marek Dojs
  • Chris Franz
  • Amy Hollar
  • Jaime Meyer
  • Dr. Nita Ritzke
  • Dr. Ivan Jankovic
  • Dr. Terry Pilling
  • Dr. Wesley Hellman
  • Dr. Valerie Kolbinger
  • Dr. Nathan Kilpatrick
  • Dr. Michael Milburn
  • Dr. Jesse Russell
  • Marek Dojs
  • Dr. Don Briel - Rome Faculty
  • Alessandra Franco
  • Clay Jenkinson - Rome Faculty
  • Michael Lombardo
  • Kemerly Meland
  • Richard Cleary
  • Dr. Renaude Gauthier
  • Dr. Terry Pilling
  • Dr. Robert Willenbring
  • Dr. Travis Wolf 
  • Dr. Russell Ballenger
  • Dr. Lucas Bernier
  • Dennis Gowen
  • Katherine Henjum
  • Dr. Daniel Loudenback
  • Dr. Thomas Porter
  • Kyia Zubke - Administrative Assistant
  • Dr. Donald Bungum
  • Dr. Scott Cleveland
  • Dr. Christopher Collins
  • Dr. David Echelbarger
  • Dr. Michael Hickman
  • Fr. Dan Maloney
  • Dan Bauer
  • Dr. Terry Pilling
  • Dr. Mark Springer
  • Dr. Stephen Armet
  • Kemerly Meland
  • Daniel Bielinski
  • Dr. Christopher Collins
  • Fr. Benedict Fischer
  • Dr. Matthew Gerlach
  • Sr. Nancy Gunderson
  • Dr. Patrick Hall
  • Dr. Peter Huff
  • Dr. Leroy Huizenga
  • Dr. Michon Matthiesen