Tempe, AZ Campus

In an unprecedented collaboration, the University of Mary - a Christian, Catholic and Benedictine university of more than 3,100 students in Bismarck, North Dakota - has teamed with Arizona State University to bring course work in theological studies and Catholic Studies to the Phoenix metro area.

The University of Mary - Tempe is conveniently located at:

215 E. 7th St.
Tempe, AZ 85281
(Just Northwest of the All Saints Newman Center)

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University of Mary-Tempe classes are offered on-site across the street from ASU at 215 E. 7th Street.

Fall 2015 Classes

Theological Studies

THE 112 Intro. to Theology (3 cr. Rel Elective) 
Mon / Wed 10:30AM – 11:45AM

THE 208 Intro to Christian Ethics (3 cr. Rel Elective)   
Tues / Thurs 12:00PM-1:15PM

THE 330 The Gospels (3 cr. Rel Elective)   
Tues / Thurs 10:30AM-11:45AM

Catholic Studies

CTH 101 The Great Catholic Adventure (3 cr. ASU HU, H, Elective)
Tues / Thurs 9:00AM-10:15AM

CTH 301 Catholic Imagination (3 cr. ASU HU, Elective)
Thurs 4:30PM-7:15PM

Course Descriptions

THE 112 Introduction to Theology

This course explores the nature, sources, methods, and history of the various disciplines of Christian theology by engaging in reasoned reflection upon revelation in Scripture and Tradition.
3 semester credits

THE 208 Introduction to Christian Ethics

This course examines significant conceptions of the Christian moral life and their sources as well as their relationship to natural law and virtue-centered approaches.
3 semester credits

THE 330 The Gospels

This course examines the Gospels with regard to their background and development; their relationship to Jesus of Nazareth; their historical, literary, and canonical relationships; their narrative structure, theology, and Christology; and their role in Christian faith, life, and liturgy.
3 semester credits

CTH 101: The Great Catholic Adventure

Introduces the interdisciplinary study of Catholic thought and culture: the interplay of Church and culture throughout the ages, the complementarity of faith and reason across multiple disciplines, and integration of faith and life as a whole.
3 semester credits     

CTH 301: Catholic Imagination

Explores the theological, aesthetic, and cultural significance of Catholicism’s sacramental vision of the world and of the human person. Primary attention given to the nature of human imagination and to works of the imagination such as literature, art, and architecture.
3 semester credits

Even as one of the most affordable private universities in the nation, the University of Mary does offer a variety of scholarships. In fact, 99% of main campus undergraduate students receive some form of scholarship! 

Some scholarships are available for specific academic programs, such as nursing, while other scholarships are available for certain student populations, such as military and veteran students

We strongly encourage you to contact your personal admissions representative to discover all of the options that might be available to you. In many cases, a program specific scholarship is just one component of a complete financial aid package. 

Our admissions professionals will work together with our Office of Financial Assistance to ensure that you get the best financial aid package possible to finance your education. 


Larry Fraher
Jesus the Christ, The Great Catholic Adventure, Intro. to the Bible

Ryan Hanning
Search for Happiness: Faith and Reason in Life, Church History

Tricia Hoyt
The Gospels

Dr. Jo Markette
Benedict: Yesterday and Today, Catholic Imagination, Christian Ethics

Dr. Steve Schloeder
Catholic Architecture, Catholic Imagination

Katrina Zeno
The Body in Catholic Thought and Modern Culture

June 18, 2015: “Unpacking Laudato Si” by Dr. Ryan Hanning and Prof. Joe Cady

May 15, 2015: “The Theological Approaches of the East and West. The Relationship between the Apophatic and Cataphatic” by Dr. Ryan Hanning

April 17, 2015: “The Catholic Literary Imagination” by Dr. Joshua Hren

March 20, 2015: “Integral Human Development and the Common Good” by Prof Joe Cady

February 20, 2015: “The Dialogical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI” by Fr. Chris Collins